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About Angie

Fun Fact: Did you know that Bake It By Angie is Veteran, Woman, AND Latina owned + Operated?


I'm Angie Magallanes, baker, wife, and mother behind Bake It By Angie. 


I’m a FULL time stay at home mama to a 2! I also happen to be a military wifey + a veteran who served (almost) a decade in the Army. I hold a B.S.W. from Indiana University. Originally from Lafayette, Indiana - I’ve lived in a few different places on the East Coast, while now officially residing just outside of Fort Campbell, in Clarksville, TN.

Bake It By Angie, LLC is owned, founded, and operated by me, however I always refer to the business as (ours) because the amount of work my husband has put into this business, is unspeakable.

I’m an 100% self taught baker, who learned through TONS of trial and error, all to be here now, serving the unbiased-ly most delicious, fun, HUGE, gourmet cookies!

A lot has changed since our recent move, including the quality and size of our cookies, our weekly rotating cookie menu, and the fact that we now ship our delicious cookies all over the country!

— we look forward to serving the Clarksville, TN area and getting the opportunity to meet + chat with every single one of you! I love what I do, truly because of my loyal customers! Stay tuned for the announcement of our upcoming vendor events!

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